Thursday, May 20, 2021

A Ceasefire With Hamas to Go In Place How Long Before By Rockets It Is Replaced?


In a military clash with the forces of Hamas, Israel should have little to fear
They have no tanks, no planes only tunnels from which rockets appear
Only the world condemnation against Israel  if Gaza is entered and Hamas is slaughtered to a man
Which may be the only way to bring a chance of lasting peace to this troubled land
But these last 11 days of rockets have a new challenge revealed
A growing number of Progressives their dislike for Israel barely concealed
Charged words like apartheid, war crimes, terrorist are heard from their lips
A weak President with little spine and Israeli support begins to slip
Hamas places its military assets close human targets to collateral damage insure
Knowing that photos of women and children killed in air strikes will cause Israeli support to lose its allure
Hamas knows on the field of battle it cannot win
But in social media battles it can control the spin
Nothing like photos of dead or wounded children to sway Americans’ minds
And to the terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians cause them to be blind
In a perverse way the vaunted Iron Dome
Which knocks down almost all rockets before they reach a killing zone
Favors Hamas because after 4000 plus rockets only 12 Israeli dead
Scenes of over 200 dead Palestinians and countless wounded instead
A cease fire which Biden falsely claims is due to his calls
Is supposed to start and only time will tell before adherence to it stalls
Somehow Hamas needs to be removed from the Gaza Strip
Or sure as the Sun rises in the East the rockets from restocked arsenals will start to rip.

© May 20, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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