Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Yamiche Idiotically Praises Biden For His Disastrous Afghanistan Cut and Run


Yamiche Alcindor proves ”Mostly Slanted News Biased Cack” is a label the fits it to a tee
This biased “journalist” adheres to the rule that she must spin to advance advocacy
Probably the only “journalist” in all the Swamp to claim that Biden on Afghanistan did no wrong
When almost every Red and more and more Blues now believe mentally he does not belong
Touts that his leaving his vacation and fleeing to Camp David to hang out in a conference room alone
That to the American people on this crisis the buck stops here mentality he forcibly has shown
Must have been asleep during the part of his speech where his blame-o-rama
Blamed Trump and the Afghan forces for making us endure the Taliban induced trauma
On foreign policy throughout the Obama Biden years Biden pushed the idea of “leading from behind”
Now morphed into “America’s back” not so leading but as it flees showing its back to friends and foes not blind
Yamiche at least is consistent which makes it easy watching Alcindor
To change the channel or tune her out and her rants ignore

© August 18, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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