Sunday, August 15, 2021

Harris and Biden MIA As Illegals Surge Across Border and Despite Pollyanna View Kabul Is Falling


We have two major crises spiraling into disaster
And our two top leaders are MIA and seemingly clueless on how to master
Might be somewhat unfair to call Harris on illegal aliens’ tidal wave as MIA
Delaying any action so she could find “root causes” a nonacceptance of her role to display
On Biden and Afghanistan and the Taliban threat he was without a clue
 With a paper strength of 300,000 and billions of equipment he could only have a Pollyanna view
Assured the nation without any basis in fact that it was highly unlikely that the Taliban was coming back
Probably never heard from his troops that the will to fight the Taliban the Afghan forces lacked
Evidently could not comprehend that when our air power pulled out in the dark of night
That an Afghan soldier who would face beheading without us no longer in the fight
Would against the Taliban evaporate like a puddle in Death Valley on an August day
So quickly that nothing in front of the Taliban would stand in their way
From platitudes of 90 days to 30 days to 72 hours
To this moment as the Taliban into Kabul powered
The Afghan president not wanting to join the ranks who would lose their heads
Cowardly packed his bags to desert his nation and today has fled
And the 20,000 or so Afghans who fought and assisted our troop alongside
We due to delay in moving them out from a vengeful Taliban many will soon have died
Thousands of lives wounded and lost and trillions of dollars spent
Who among our foes and allies will not believe now that America’s word is not worth two cents?
Biden and Jill with a crutch returned to Camp David to enhance the charade
That our clueless CIC is on top of the disaster as we watch the Taliban victory parade
The only silver lining which sadly is a lining very, very thin
With embassy closed we won’t see a conga line on the roof trying to in choppers flee from Taliban’s walkover win

© August 15, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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