Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Like the Monkey That Speaks No Evil Chris Cuomo Silent on Growing Sex Scandal of Bro and Cries to Resign or Be Impeached


For Chris Cuomo blood is thicker than the demands of journalistic ethics on a job
So should be no surprise that the monkey of speak no evil as news for his viewers Andrew’s scandal he robs
Little Fredo’s acts validates  his nickname
And for his zero coverage merits only shame
If he could not report on his brother’s growing scandal as anchor, he should have stepped down
He did not and with not a peep on scandal and impeachment and resignation cries he is a fake news omission clown
On this scandal when it comes to black eyes Chris is not alone
CNN should be ashamed of itself for not sending him away from the news anchor zone
And the Emmy award powers granting Andrew an Emmy due to a major politically induced fawn
Should be trying to retract it as thousands due to Andrew were ending up early in Forest Lawn
The true heroes in this Andrew and Chris Cuomo sordid mess
Are the 11 women who reported the abuse and now are under undeserved stress
Hopefully to be joined on the hero’s platform will be New York’s Assemblymen who will no longer wait
For Cuomo to resign and impeach him so the Senate will determine his fate
New York deserves better as its residents due to taxes and business climate are in a massive exodus mode
Having to endure until 2022 rule by the nursing homes’ death culprit and a pervert will be an unbearable load
Under our system of judgment Cuomo deserves a New York Senate trial that must be fair
And Andrew should be on his knees thankful that because of the nursing home deaths he will not a prison cell share

© August 4, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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