Thursday, August 5, 2021

Biden and De Santis In Snit Fit Over CV Fight and Need to Close Border and Biden Can't Recall Governor Who's Name


Once again Biden displays a lack of mental acuity not befitting the nation’s top Blue
Unlike Blue rants calling voters who voted for Trump morons Reds have a different view
Time to raise the question with Blue voters whether they would wish they could vote anew
The unity president with his open borders and bait and switch many supporters their vote may rue
Worse for those who voted for him reality of his fading mental acuity may be setting in
Watching him without his cue cards or teleprompter even protected by MSM fawning spin
His lapses and pauses and inability to remember or even complete a logical thought
Looks more and more like his mind is subject to a full on rot
Reds watching him do not on what more and more looks like dementia  jump for joy
For all of us Red or Blue as we age each fear the day our minds will begin to be destroyed
Biden and DeSantis are in a snit fit over Red governor on Biden's CV fight allegedly standing in the way
With De Santis rightfully firing back that Biden needs stop border surge of hundreds of CV infected illegals included each day
When asked about De Santis’s supposed Biden’s agenda obstruction
“Governor Who?” was his response adding fuel to his mental destruction
Dementia is not a disease we know how to arrest
Yet no chance he will take a Trump taken and passed cognitive test
Biden does not in the Oval Office belong
More than ever now time to play the 25th Swan Song

© August 5, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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