Tuesday, August 24, 2021

America Is Not Back But Our Back and Biden's Back Is Being Shown to All


After his inauguration Biden was quick to our allies and foes proclaim
“America is back” After all of the supposed Trump juvenile missteps we are back in the diplomacy game
After watching Biden’s performance on the Afghanistan withdrawal snafu
We need a modification to the slogan issued by our mentally fading top Blue
The slogan is not “America is back” but rather “America’s back”
That’s what our allies and foes have seen and will see due to his leadership lack
And what the nation and the press see after his attempting soothing address
Of a bumbling, stumbling, lapsing teleprompted speaker in mental distress
Followed quickly by his tottering back walking away as questions are shouted at him
Worse each day that even more and more of his MSM sycophants have ceased their fawning spin
Watching him even with a teleprompter is like watching a download with not enough speed
The frames pause, freeze as his eyes closed looking down trying to pull up the words he needs
Had he picked Gabbard, Warren or Klobuchar all of whom could answer questions asked
And regardless of their policies would be capable of stepping in and fulfilling the Oval Office task
We could without fear of total disaster invoke the 25th as he mental condition gets worse
Now no way can we be subjected to an uncontrollable laughing Harris curse

© August 24, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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