Thursday, August 26, 2021

Suicide Bombings Kill at Least 10 Marines at Kabul Airport Compared to 4 KIA in All of 2020


In Kabul outside the airport a suicide bomber killed at least 10 Marines and wounded dozens more
Bad enough we had the roadblocks of the Taliban now suicide bombing threats we cannot ignore
For once our State Department seemed to correctly assess the threats of a terrorist attack
Urgent warnings not to come to airport and if at the gates to their shelters in place go back
The question that Biden is not mentally competent to be asked
What happens to the Americans who fail in the get out by August 31 task?
How quickly will the Taliban take revenge upon the interpreters and translators who for us fought
To be tracked down, arrested and then as a chilling warning to all lined up against a wall and shot?
Are we facing a Tehran Embassy hostage taking of Americans déjà vu for the hundreds of Americans who could not leave
Insult to injury as the Taliban continue to rub our noses and further humiliation of this nation achieve?
Calls among Red that Biden should resign
As his policies and mental fading are daily maligned
But that is an unrealistic demand and the result would be worse
Instead of a dementia infected man we would have the inept woman with the laughing curse
This great nation is going to have to suck it up, fight Biden in the courts  tooth and nail
And find the best and brightest to send out on the campaign trail
Flip the House and Senate in 2022 and Newsom recall
Hope Feinstein also mentally fading resigns a Red then picked to Biden’s agenda to maul
© August 26, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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