Friday, August 13, 2021

Fake News Alive and Well at CNN Implying 4 Broward County Teachers Contracted CV at School When Schools Not Opened Yet


CNN is back to its old cack spreading tricks
And the stench should make anyone sick
We learn that CNN anchor John Berman
Who because of fake news should be as welcome in your home as an infestation of vermin
 Intoned barely keeping check his Gotcha De Santis glee
Could barely wait to engage in a fake news spreading spree
4 teachers in Broward County had died in just 24 hours
3 of whom were unvaccinated and the 4th unknown but all fell to the COVID-19 power
Another example of by CNN of an ongoing De Santis smear
And for the viewers clear message sending kids to school without protection you should fear
Explains why fake news of omission is to our free press such a deadly threat
CNN totally ignored the simple easily checked fact that Broward County schools had not started yet
No classrooms for the teachers to go to and meet their early doom
But a perfect time for CNN to spread to parents the fears doom and gloom
If you want to hear the facts on any story or event
Do not let for a moment allow your eyes and ears to CNN be sent

© August 13, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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