Thursday, August 26, 2021

Newsom Lucky Kabul Bombing Cancelled Harris' Campaign Appearance


Newsom must be thankful that the Lord works in mysterious ways
By events at Kabul Airport thousands of miles away
He was saved from the stigma of appearing with a VP who in every assignment has failed
Either due to being MIA diverted on the false roots of illegal immigration trail
Or almost as bad as Biden’s pauses and speaking gaffes
Harris guilty of responding to unwanted facts with uncontrollable laughs
Scratch her caring and fighting for the people façade
And you find a Hillary like unlikeable fraud
With 13 deaths of servicemen deaths today at the Kabul airport
Do not be surprised to see that Biden will his campaign trip abort
We were once known as the Golden State
A magnet for those who sought great schools, highways, weather and prosperity that would await
Now degenerated to the likes of a Banana Republic as a one party Blue state
Whose policies have made us truly second or third rate
Highest taxes, most regulations, highest homeless, most needles and feces in the street
Most virus shut down businesses,  most closed classrooms, most delayed unemployment checks only good weather to us greet
Time to downfall from prosperity and quality of life stall
For the person most responsible vote for the recall
Time to turn the iron pyrite back into gold
Only way is to approval of Newsom’s remaining in office withhold
© August 26, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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