Monday, August 9, 2021

Subway Franchisees Up in Arms Over Megan Rapinoe As Subway's Ad Spokesperson


When Wokist in Chief Megan Rapinoe put purple dye to change the color of the hairs on her head
Some of hoped that it signaled she was ready to her left wing bias finally shed
But disappointed after watching knees against Sweden the same old Woke in place
Lost to Canada always a door mat relegated to for a Bronze the Aussie’s face
In what hopefully will be this Woke’s last soccer game
She’s off to new earning challenges to tame
Cut deals with Victoria Secret that seems to be away from the sexy woman image shy
And also Subway to encourage sandwich lovers to their meals buy
Maybe the Subway customer is not like the elite wine and brie set
And Subway after a revolt of its franchises may be the choice coming to regret
Her kneeling and mixing politics with sports under the PC and Woke flag
Seems to have hit among Subway franchisees a major snag
Like hopefully a growing number of Americans who believe the nation is not a systematic racist one
Rapinoe to them signals a message that if you believe in the nation time to Subway sandwiches shun
Maybe it is the commercial which seems to be in an anti-Hispanic  racist taste
With a soccer ball kick turning the burrito in the hands of a consumer into food waste
“Next time buy a Subway footlong”
If trying to appeal to Hispanics the ad was really wrong

© August 9, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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