Monday, August 9, 2021

Cuomo's Impeachment Inquiry to Add Scope of Nursing Home CV Deaths and Concealment


Cuomo’s sexual harassment of 11 females and his coverup should be viewed by all with disdain
If found guilty he really must be punished as a lesson to other lying in wait reptilian brains
While no one so far has come forward to claim rape
The harassment may leave emotions bars from which many may find hard to escape
While the sexual harassment should be without hesitation be cursed
There is another aspect of Cuomo’s record that was far, far worse
From the very first death to hit our shores from COVID-19
We have known the elderly were a great risk if from the virus we could not wean
Hospitals with CV infected had ICU’s from other patient contact protected
Nursing homes in New York by in large did not and putting into them CV infected
Is something that every doctor on the planet would have rejected
And yet that is the admission path that Governor Cuomo selected
Under the guise of free up ICU and hospital beds
He ordered hospitals to transfer infected elderly patients to nursing homes to soon be dead
A callous move or calculation that the infected elderly had already lived a long life
Would soon die in good time for needed beds for those triaged to survive the CV that was rife
Everyone must die sometime
Cuomo must have felt sooner not later would be no crime
But concealing and undercounting may well be
Impeachment inquiry on nursing deaths may be another bar to his remaining free.

© August 9, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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