Sunday, August 22, 2021

Biden's Poll Numbers Sinking Like Rocks As Concerns Over Dementia Rise


Edith Wilson was able to conceal Wilson’s stroke to enable him to end his term
In a world then of no TV, no social media, an wartime censorship made news of a stroke hard to learn
A stroke causes damages but unless repeated some damaged brain functions begin to repair
But with no drugs yet to hinder or prevent, dementia gets worse as more neurons suffer deadly wear and tear
So Jill Biden as an Edith will be impossible to long time ape
And from the reality of failing Biden mind we cannot escape
When asked today after his Afghan withdrawal update about a very recent August CBS poll
Where Biden’s competence, focus and effectiveness were on a downward roll
Biden could only manage a Harris like chuckle and reply he had not seen it
Then very soon thereafter his from taking further questions he quit
It staggers the belief that Biden’s inner circle does not 24/7 polls and social media on Biden watch
Alert to quickly act to advise and insure Biden on an issue does not it botch
Or maybe they did  and he did not remember the numbers long enough  so he forgot
If so on numbers really disturbing his mind shows even more damaging rot
From dementia you can’t run, not even in his case totter, and the effects hide
Each time Biden’s mind seems ebbing faster than a Bay of Fundy low tide
Time for Jill Biden to drop any Edith aspirations and whisper to Joe
“For the good of the country and our time together it is time to go”
© April 18, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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