Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Chuckles Harris and Biden to Campaign for Newsom Against Recall


The California Recall Newsom vote is less than 30 days away
Gavin must be concerned as Blue big guns will be joining the recall fray
Chuckles Harris and the “mental giant” Biden will be soon coming our way
And the Botox Queen Pelosi has nothing but praise for Newsom to say
But two candidates are running that on Blue typical responses put a nix
Caitlyn Jenner, a transgender, and Larry Elder, a black, rob them of their card tossing tricks
Newsom will be cuffed and forced to his record and the issues discuss
Won’t be able to with the homophobic/transgender or the race card toss the two under the bus
The radio ads by Newsom being put on the air are falsely trying to link to the recall
The January 6 protests, the anti-vaxers, and white supremacists who want our democracy to “maul”  
Won’t work this time nor to the claim that recall will millions cost
Given Newsom’s spend, tax and regulate that argument has long since been lost
Will voters remember the shutdowns and lockdowns and closing the schools?
The delayed unemployment checks due to the EDD meltdown fools?
The mask scandal the from the legislature and people he tried to hide?
Or the French Laundry that to a tee Newsom’s arrogance and hypocrisy describes?
Or maybe with Indies and Reds and even some Blues at Biden’s execution of withdrawal condemn?
Those voters will vote recall linking Newsom to an arrogant politician just like them
This poet believes you can people over 30 trust and your elders one should respect
So this poet is voting for Larry Elder and retaining Newsom in Sacramento to reject
© August 17, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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