Monday, August 23, 2021

Newsom Can't Toss Race Card Against Elder So Tosses Trump Card


The lights must be burning in Newsom’s recall campaign headquarter late at night
Finally dawning on this arrogant hypocrite that he may lose in this recall fight
For while it seemed he would be like a one armed man in a wallpaper hanging contest
Running against black Larry Elder his reflex action to toss race card would be subject to arrest
But leave it to a politician like Newsom to the bottom of the barrel of decency scrape
To attack a man who from the gang violence and poverty of south central L.A. could escape
After Biden was ridiculed for not being black enough
So far Gavin the urge to call Elder an Uncle Tom he has managed to stuff
Not to fear for from Newsom as desperation of a loss now appears
Attacks him as a Trumper clone that all Californians must fear
Can’t defend his record on his EDD meltdown so jobless were without checks left high and dry
And his secret mask deals soundness and rationality seemed to defy
Parents will blame him for due to the teachers’ union opposition folding his tent
Thumbing his nose as his kids in private school to in person learning in the class room were sent
He might have escaped a recall born of the wrath of small businesses being shut down
While the Walmart’s of the world could stay open for customers to be in and around
But his “shutdowns are for thee but not for me”
Birthday party for lobbyist at a very pricey French Laundry

Newsom is too arrogant for his own good
A fact he ignores and will never be able to have understood
Time to respect one’s elders and Newsom’s chances to remain in office bury
Almost everyone seeking to replace Newsom would be right but I am voting for Larry
© August 23, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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