Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Kabul Falls and Biden's UN Ambassador Touts Her "Strong Press Release" Against the Taliban


Highly optic that Chuckles Harris is off to Vietnam as Taliban takes over Kabul
As America by a frail president’s cut and run actions leave us on the world stage hobbled
Maybe while Biden is still trying to grasp in the disaster his pathetic soul
Her Vietnam hosts can do a reenactment for fall of Saigon the bells of history toll
Sadly only the most rabid Blue cannot see that Biden is mentally flawed
The once proud and strong American eagle with Trump is without talons and has been declawed
Biden misled us that the Afghan Army was fully equipped and would the Taliban advance maul
Deprived of American air support and intel to a deceived America Kabul would in just days fall
Once again we witnessed the appalling scenes of Afghans instead of Vietnamese trying to flee
Fearing death and imprisonment if they could not leave their home country
A tottering Biden finally cancelled his Wilmington vacation and alone at Camp David hung out
Finally shamed and ridiculed enough to return to the Swamp to address to the people the Taliban rout
The buck that should have stopped with him was reduced to a mere two cents
No acceptance of a botched withdrawal only to Trump and the Afghan Army the blame he sent
5,000-6000 troops to the Kabul Airport to it now secure
To try to the safety of at least the thousands of American stranded secure
While the administration is begging the Taliban to behave with only words
Our UN Ambassador is idiotically praising her strong press release the Taliban ignored if even heard
Biden descended this nation into the theater of the absurd
Thanks to Biden’s weakness America on world stage is awash in the scent of a massive turd

© August 18, 2021The Alaskanpoet

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