Monday, August 9, 2021

Co-Founder of Time's Up Resigns Over Aid in Drafting Letter Smearing Cuomo Accuser Lindsey Boylan


Roberta Kaplan the co-founder of Time’s Up, a group providing to victims of sexual harassment support
Was named as one who aided in the drafting of a letter smearing Lindsey Boylan in the AG’s scathing report
Unlike Cuomo who has battened down the hatches and thinks he can weather this growing tempest
Ms. Kaplan did the right thing and resigned knowing her activity even if as a lawyer didn’t meet the smell test
Cuomo has become a disgrace and his ability to govern is in shambles as he may soon be facing arrest
His publisher watching the growing scandal must really rue the day
That a $5,000,000 advance lured by his Emmy and anti-Trump credentials it would pay
His legal team does not need a poet’s friendly suggestion
But it might be time to focus on jail time prevention
To urge Cuomo to resign and start attempts to settle the sexual harassment claims that must be waiting in the wings
And for him to do what might be impossible to his arrogance and ego shed and to the table real humility bring
Each day he digs in deeper his heels and refuses to go away
Another day closer to more accusers and impeachment to his reputation what’s left to slay
Another day to keep the news story alive
More rats fleeing believing he will not survive
© August 9, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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