Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Golden Boy Cuomo May Resign But MSM Predict He Will Run Again For Political Office


Andrew Cuomo must be a triskaidekaphobiac and the number 13 fear
Denied any wrongdoing with his 11 accusers until the 13th accuser appeared
With a final apology justifying he did no wrong vent
To the relief of Blues in Albany and New Yorkers he folded his tent
Cuomo was the COVID-19 fighting rock star and could in eyes of MSM no wrong
Never got it through his reptilian brain that sexual harassment perverts in office do not belong
But with MSM on his harassment seeming to look the other way
Fueling his ego we can see why he in the Governor’s Mansion though he could stay
Had he been a Red he would have been crucified with impeachment and resignation frenzied cries
But as a Blue rightfully thought with the double standard he could easily defy
Plus he had a staunch ally in his defense his CNN younger bro
His one on one with Chris quickly the mantle of a CV Czar totally in the know
He is still in office for another 13 days but already the MSM forced to eat crow on their support is bouncing back
Chuck Todd for example is proclaiming Cuomo will soon run for political and support he will not lack
Jennifer Rubin that icon of liberal bias is touting the resignation as a victory as a female will him as governor replace
And Biden is praising him for doing a hell of a job totally ignoring his nursing homes killing disgrace
Had we had in independent free press his accusers would not have been ridiculed and smeared
The rising drumbeat for impeachment and resignation would have been quick, overwhelming, loud and clear
If Todd is right the we should the second Trump impeachment emulate
Impeach and convict him to bar him from any office in the Empire State
© August 10, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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