Friday, August 6, 2021

Cuomo May Be Going Down For the Count As Troubles Mount With Former Staffer Filing Groping Criminal Complaint


Unlike Kavanaugh who was subjected to the #MeToo lynch mob
Had his integrity and reputation by uncorroborated decades old claims robbed
Cuomo despite his arrogance unlike Kavanaugh does not have to prove his innocence beyond a reasonable doubt
But his ability to remain in office is becoming more problematical as news of a criminal complaint for groping has just come out
An unnamed female staffed has filed a criminal complaint in Albany that during a selfie in 2019
Cuomo placed his hand groping her breast not on the bra but on her breast in between
If the allegations are credible in addition to his former supporters urging his resignation crying enough
We may be treated to this former Emmy awardee in the perp walk in cuffs
You have to have some pity for a reptilian brain that even with 11 women accusing him
He cannot come to grips with the reality of sexual harassment such that his fate looks pretty grim
He has played the “I am an Italian hugging and kissing is what we do” to nothing but scorn and disgust
Can’t play the right wing conspiracy card because the accusers are almost all Blue whose motives we should trust
He is rapidly becoming the poster child for behavior that reptilian brained males must shun
In a criminal court he is innocent till proven guilty but in court of public and voter opinion this egotist is done

© August 6, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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