Sunday, August 15, 2021

Kabul Fell Because of Biden Not Because Noem Waived a Flag in a Parade


If Harvard Professor Tom Nichols is a typical Harvard Prof
His Tweet snit on Noem calls us the “Veritas” motto to scoff
At a time when the Woke warriors kneel when the anthem is played
Or by not crossing one’s heart when the flag is displayed
And far too many Blues when they see the flag are dismayed
Tom Nichols claims Noem’s carrying the flag at Sturgis is why Kabul fell today
Linking Biden’s Afghanistan’s disaster to Noem’s with a flag riding in a Sturgis parade
Is but another example of how the “Veritas” and Harvard is subject to degrade
Kabul fell because Biden bought into the myth of 300,000 strong
On the issue of morale and willingness to fight his optimism did not belong
Like a puddle on a hot sweltering Death Valley Day
From the approaching Taliban the Afghans melted and evaporated away
While Biden’s immigration czar Harris has her head in the sand looking for roots
Noem was sending South Dakota National Guard to try to block the illegal aliens’ crossing routes
This governor is a patriot who knows you lose a country without strong borders
While Biden, Harris  and too many Blues support border chaos and disorder
If Nichols is the new voice of Harvard, “Mendacium” should “Veritas” replace
Harvard infected by Woke trying to with fake news that which is great about this country discredit and erase
© August 15, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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