Saturday, August 21, 2021

The Buck With Biden May Stop Here But So Do His Neuron Synapses


Biden would probably on taking a cognitive test balk
But maybe he already has watching him on a teleprompter trying to talk
He seems to have trouble with the words we can’t see on the screen
Simple words not pronunciation giant difficulties it would seem
Listening To him speak without a teleprompter is even far much worse
Hard not to believe he is not in a mentally choking dementia curse
A sign of rats leaving Biden’s mentally sinking ship
Now correcting in public when from the truth he slips
No longer to allow him to misstate when facts dementia has erased from his mind
Daily more and more Biden sycophants to his mental collapse can no longer remain blind
Biden has become around the world has become the poster child
Of the effects of dementia unchecked running wild
In Wilson’s time before TV, internet and social media a president’s fitness far easier to hide
Today every miscue and mistake is caught, analyzed, replayed again and again and magnified
The tech social media giants’ algorithms cannot stem awareness of Biden’s mental decay
No matter how scripted and rehearsed every moment he is out of his bunker it’s on full display
Jill could do a great service to the nation if as a caring spouse she would whisper in his ear
“Joe we need to take the high road out, it’s time to no longer in the Oval Office remain here.”

© August 21, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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