Saturday, August 14, 2021

Joyless Reid Inanely Compares Conservatives and Religious Right to Taliban


Route 1 from Hue to Qangtri was named “a street without joy”
Listening to Reid’s rants on Reds and religious right to will small change the name to employ
Since her rants are infect with bias as she rants nonstop,
Insert “Reid” and then ”street” quickly drop
Reid seems on a mission to all sense of civility and rationality to destroy
A pseudo “journalist” consumer by Trump and Reds hate making it impossible to life enjoy
Doesn’t understand that except for the most rabid viewers
Most Americans have tired of her nonstop biased attempts to conservatives skewer
Not sure whether to condemn or to feel pity for in her biased mind she must think
The more outlandish the ad hominem attack is the greater chance her ratings will not sink
To compare the religious right to the Taliban who on Kabul are pushing ahead
Is so far over the top that what scant credibility she has is torn into shreds
She can’t get it through her biased brain
That to win debates ad hominem attacks you must refrain
Trump’s policies were exactly what this country was in need
But his abrasiveness grated many who then refused to heed
So we were stuck with a tottering old man who emerged from a basement clueless on how to lead
Spineless with growing dementia canned Trump’s border policies and CV infected illegals increased at hyper speed
Joining the one two punch of inflation and violent crime throughout our streets
Setting off a Red wave that will sweep the Blues in the House and Senate off their feet
© August 14, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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