Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Trudeau's Minister Calls Taliban "Our Brothers" Huh?


Canada’s Maryam Monsef is raising eyebrows once again
First trying to as the first Afghan minister trying to pretend
When not born there but in Iran instead
Now calling Taliban “our brothers” rather than Sharia fanatics mired in blood shed
If the Taliban are Canada’s brothers they make “black sheep” look white as pristine snow
Despite Monsef’s plea to end femicide doubt the Taliban will allow Afghans to go
A Sharia curtain much more dangerous and deadly than Stalin’s Iron Curtain is about to descend
The freedoms achieved by women, nonbelievers and journalists over 20 years will soon end
Under these relics from the 7th Century, education and careers for women will be a fading memory of the past
Even as the Taliban may consider its brutal repressive images to try to recast
Watch for the Sharia curtain to any news and views of the suffering to soon be endured
To be shut down after failed attempts by the Taliban to reality to the West distort and blur
Churchill facing disaster at Dunkirk did not impose an evacuation deadline date
The ships and boats kept crossing the channel to save the men on the beaches in lines in wait
Until the rear guard could no longer the German approaches to the beaches block
Today sadly we must to Kabul evacuation fast forward the clock
With Biden agreeing to a date rather that a mission coming to an end
Then groveling like a weak pathetic president pleading with the Taliban to the deadline extend
How many Americans wanting to leave will most likely be trapped in harm’s way?
Like the thousands of our Afghan allies who the Taliban will most likely imprison or slay
And our #MeToo Movement like the likes of Rubin blinded by their Biden sycophantic traits
Will utter only the sounds of silence as women in Afghanistan are condemned to their fate
August 25, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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