Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Actions Speak Louder Than Words As Biden's Withdrawal "Plan" a Disaster


Biden must not believe in the adage of talk the talk, walk the walk
When it came to executing a withdrawal plan in Afghanistan he balked
His pathetic speech to the nation blaming everyone but him
As thousands of abandoned Afghans who fought with us were left on a limb
A plan of withdrawal from our longest war without execution that was right
We saw thousands of Afghans fleeing to the airport desperate to find a flight
While Biden ignoring the 50,000 dead Afghan soldiers falsely claimed they would not fight
We as Americans should be appalled at the repeat of the 1975 Saigon sights
The Trump plan of withdrawal Biden inherited was working until he decided it to replace
Closed down the military air bases that kept the Taliban cowering in place
Trump’s schedule of withdrawal was based on conditions the Taliban had to follow
Biden axed the conditions made withdrawal date certain--threats against Taliban now made hollow
Trump’s plan involved the removal of troops and our massive amount of arms
Now that thanks to Biden, weapons in Taliban hands which should raise great alarm
The military will tell us the hardest action in war is to retreat or withdraw out
Well thought needed to prevent panic and everyone for themselves rout
Withdrawal from Afghanistan was the right decision after Bin Laden’s death and was too long delayed
Nation building of a nation locked in its feudal past would only total failure be displayed
Withdrawal the right decision but our tottering CIC executed it all wrong
Watching him speaking as a weak and frail mentally conflicted CIC confirms in the Oval Office he does not belong
Problem is that even with dementia’s increasing curse
Chuckling Kamala Harris would be even much worse
© August 17, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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