Monday, August 23, 2021

CNN Prime Time Remains All Male, 2/3 Gay as Rachel Maddow Spurns Offer to Leave MSNBC


It is not too difficult to question the wisdom and objectivity of Rachel Maddow at MSNBC
Turn her on and only bias and over the top leftist rhetoric will you see
But she is the darling of her elitist leftist base
And smart enough to ignore CNN’s for her anchor chase
Even if her fans might follow her to CNN
Not a sure thing as the purveyor of Cack’s ratings are in the trash bin
So CNN is still stuck with the 3 monkeys on prime time
See no objectivity, hear no objectivity, speak no objectivity deal only in biased slime
Lemon like the car so aptly named is a piece of junk
Cuomo now without a rating boost bro his ratings to have further sunk
Cooper born with a silver spoon of Vanderbilt fame
Far behind Fox and Maddow in the ratings game
A male troika of failure that leaves CNN grasping straws
Their anti-Red, anti-Trump and anti-Main Street bias is flawed
Until the fawning over Biden and the Blues they finally shed
The number of viewers will continue to have bled
Until at CNN the light bulb comes on
Focus only on still bashing Trump belongs in Forest Lawn
Fox viewers wish the all-male troika well
As they sink further and further into losing viewers Hell
© August 23, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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