Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Where's Waldo Andrew Cuomo Hiding in Disgrace As Resignation and Impeachment Demands Soar


Andrew Cuomo who in news briefings on COVID-19 must have led the nation
Reporting on cases and hectoring that the unvaccinated merited condemnation
Following the NY AG’s lengthy report of 11 women he sexually harassed
Looks like he is the new “Where’s Waldo” as his news briefings now are a thing of the past
Released a tape instead of being in front of journalists live
Must have known given the firestorm of resignation demands he would not survive
Forcefully denied inappropriate touching and groping with hugs in public displayed on a tape
A defense like if always done in public the charges of sexual harassment I will escape
Little Fredo sadly is living in the pre “Me—Too” movement past
Unable to accept the fact his acts sexually harassed
Lulled into a false sense of security of Blues harassing female Reds
Trying their hardest to get them into their beds
Missed the point that it is the belief that if victims are Red and reptilians Blue a shield is in place
If victims Blue the precedent of Senator Franken strips the shield and the reptilian falls from grace
Cuomo must be hoping that by disappearing from public view to hide
The incoming surge of resignation and impeachment demands will be like the tides
The flow of the news cycle will ebb and recede
In office staying he will succeed
He is whistling in the wind and the demands will remain and quickly increase
And this narcissist pervert’s time in office will soon cease.
© August 4, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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