Monday, August 9, 2021

Sturgis and Obama's 60th One a Spreader? The Other Maskless but "Outdoors" So No Harm No Foul


A tale of two separate crowded events
One which caused “righteous” condemnation to vent
The other celebrated in social media secret with photos deleted
One was Obama’s 60th birthday bash as some 500 party goers were greeted
Photos of Obama and other revelers dancing without masks
Were quickly deleted so Obama could party hearty without in hypocrisy seeming to bask
Many of the invited elite flew in on their private jets
Concern over carbon emissions if one a Blue so easy to forget
Oblivious to point that meatless menus does not result in get of out New Green Deal Jail Card
Trumped by private jets’ emissions that any environmental points will discard  
Unlike Stelter who questioned the ethics during a pandemic and costs spent to put Bezos in space
 Only silence on the costs and spreading potential that was taking place
Psaki dropped the event was outdoors justification defense
Seemed peeved that there were those that would take offense
The other took place on Sturgis’s streets
Thousands of hogs arrived from across the nation to each other greet
Quickly attacked by MSM pundits as likely to the virus spread
No private jets, non-elitists and more than likely to vote Red
But free spirits who love the independence of the open road
Woke free, PC free, CRT free-- a far cry from the hypocritical Swamp toads
The elite were seen leaving early from the Quonset huts like “outdoor” bash
The mere mortals would hang around enjoying themselves and not from Sturgis early away dash.


© August 9, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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