Monday, August 16, 2021

Biden on Afghanistan May Have Lost Fawning Support of MSM


Finally there may be a chance that our “free press” still exists
As on the sudden collapse of Afghanistan the urge to blame Trump so far they resist
Our frail and weak president whose mind seems closer to being done
The sudden victory of the Taliban MSM fawning over Biden finally they today shun
Images of terrified Afghans holding on to taxing military planes
Like the persons plunging from the World Trade Center now searing our brains
MSM pundits calling loss a “disaster” and Biden Administration “flat footed” caught
Worse naming it a “Saigon moment” as 20 years of U.S. efforts there gone in days for naught
It may have been a foregone conclusion that the Taliban would prevail
But Biden has stained the honor of this nation by running and turning tail
Leaving most of the Afghans who helped us in the field to a deadly fate
If lucky imprisonment by the Taliban but more likely a beheading fate
What nation after seeing Afghanistan fall will a commitment by the U.S. ever again trust?
Thanks to a demented frail tottering old president a day of infamy our national honor ground into the dust
So today Afghanistan to the Taliban has been lost
At crippling financial and human and thankfully the fawning puppet support for Biden the cost

 © August 16, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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