Tuesday, August 10, 2021

CNN That Slammed Trump For His COVID Travel Bans Now Urges Them For Florida and Louisiana

 CNN which roundly criticized Trump for his COVID-19 foreign travel bans

As xenophobic and ill-advised is now the same act for Florida and Louisiana demands

Reminds one of the vigilantes in California who blocked entry into the state

Of families fleeing from the Midwest to escape the Dust Bowl’s disastrous fate

In war it is said that loss of the truth is the casualty that is suffered first

In a pandemic as the virus quickly spreads and droplets from the infected into the air burst

The first casualty is the right to assemble, right to worship and the right of free speech

As lockdowns, business closures, social media banning, school closures more and more of the nation reach

CNN whose ratings continue to slide further into the biased mire

A double standard imposed on Blues and Reds it never seems to tire

Political views should never be the deciding vote on who gets to exercise a right

If that becomes the test, this republic will quickly fade from sight

One would have hope that from CNN we could get news free of distortion and bias

If not as usually the case as least the pundit’s false pontifications could be intoned with less pious

No wonder more and more viewers chose to CNN ignore

Double standard to Blues praise and Reds gore

© August 9, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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