Monday, August 23, 2021

Democracy Dies Also With Sychophants Like Jennifer Rubin

The slogan for WAPO created after Trump was elected
Really due to the likes of Jennifer Rubin needs a new one to be selected
“Democracy Dies in Darkness” has a nice sound
When government in its actions is not transparent hard to keep democracy around
The evil governments can do when acts hidden knows no bounds
Its lust for increasing power over our lives should us astound
But darkness can come from transparency lack
Or from a press that on government misdeeds will not attack
When instead of calling out corruption or illegality it lavishes on the leaders unwarranted praise
Democracy will very soon slide  with momentum unstoppable and accelerating into an autocratic phase
Rubin who once called herself a conservative has been known for her leftist biased rants
Now sadly over Biden’s actions she has earned a new despised title to be condemned –sycophant
Watching the collapse of Afghanistan after Biden cut and run
Scenes of disaster both Blues and Reds and numbers of the MSM have stunned
An unmitigated disaster that allies have condemned and foes now urged to pounce
A setback to our role as the leader of the free world back from which we may never bounce
Rubin wants to give Biden the benefit of the doubt and accuses journalists now of piling on
Fails to see the evidence of a sunset turning into the long nights of darkness not a new American dawn
Democracy may die in darkness but dies also when journalists like Rubin can only on Biden fawn
Journalists now just journalists in name only and really a bunch of dangerous Biden pawns
The new slogan for WAPO must be “Democracy Dies With Sycophants
With “journalists” like Rubin Democracy’s chances for survival are very scant

© August 23, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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