Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Bitter Vindman to Sell Book Claims Not Removing Trump From Office Cost 600,000 Lives Are You Kidding Me?


It should be hard to criticize a member of the U.S. Army who spent 21 years in service to this nation
But reluctantly in the case of Alexander Vindman his book promoting tour merits condemnation
Vindman has what Warhol would call an elongated 15 minutes of fame
Testifying on Trump’s alleged abuse of office to have Biden’s quid pro quo actions on aid to Ukraine
Was instrumental in getting Trump impeached for the first time on strict party line vote
Like the Clinton impeachment with real crimes chances of guilty verdict in Senate remote
He must feel he has an axe to grind
Felt that a promotion to colonel was a position he would never find
He resigned from the military and seemed to have vanished from the political scene
But that 15 minutes is a real high from which it is so hard to wean
Vindman is out with a book Here Right Matters: An American Story
A bio from leaving Soviet Ukraine to the military to his 15 minutes of fame and glory
On that icon of “objective programing” Morning Joe
Ready and encouraged by TDS Stage 4 deliver to the Trump legacy a fatal blow
We now know that Vindman is studying international affairs to obtain a PhD
Somehow he has found the time to excel in epidemiology  
In less than a year he has replaced Fauci as the COVID-19 expert to proclaim
“If Trump had been replaced 600,000 Americans would by the virus not have been slain”
While this inanity of inanity was allowed to into viewers’ minds seep
From MSNBC Willie Geist an abettor to this veracity heist not the slightest peep
What integrity and intellect he supposedly had was quickly and completely lost
Without the Trump warp speed vaccine the death number would have tripled the cost
Thank you for your service and now fade away
Too much rancor and bitterness on display
© August 3, 2021 The Alaskanpoet  

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