Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Cries for Andrew Cuomo's Resignation and Impeachment Grow As He Falls From Grace


For most Americans the pandemic has been an absolute disaster
No matter what we did it seemed the virus was spreading faster
Funeral homes and morgues quickly running out of room
Death toll mounting rapidly as the elderly at risk went to their doom
But as the pandemic spread across the land spreading death along its path
Cuomo rose to the occasion with daily reporting with charts and stats exercising his reporting craft
The virus was not under control but thanks to Cuomo’s pleas aid was on its way in
With his charts and stats and confidence gave hope soon against the virus we would win
He was the man of the COVID-19 power
With Cuomo as opposed to Trump hope we would no longer cower
Lost in the hype of fawning over Cuomo’s pandemic management skills
Trump had a hospital ship docked, hospital in days at Javits Center built and all orders for ventilators and PPE fill
Cuomo was the left’s hero and to MSM he could do no wrong
Then the wheels started to come of with his sending infected patients to nursing homes they didn’t belong
While the elderly in nursing homes were dying like flies
Cuomo had his people the magnitude of nursing home death deny
More reality of toxic work place and sexual harassment start to appear
His reptilian brain when it came to female workers to rules of behavior he would not adhere
His arrogance knew no bounds as his judgment day suddenly began to come near
Waving his Emmy for all to see he was without fear
Until he heard the splashes of the Blue rats leaving the Cuomo ship
And the growing chorus of “resign, resign” as even loyal Blues' support starting to slip
A well-deserved fall from grace
Even with his arrogance will he in public ever again show his face?

© August 3, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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