Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Blame Game in Crossfire But Not Aiming at Only Target Joe Biden

 The finger pointing of blame in the Biden Administration is escalating each day

Finger pointing blame crossfire on increasing display
Intel blames the Pentagon and the Pentagon blames intel
As in 11 days the situation in Afghanistan went to Hell
While blaming each other the players still have time to not forget to blame Trump
Wonder whose listening when their credibility has been tossed into the dump?
If fingers are to be pointed there is only on proper bullseye
The one and only Joe Biden whose mental state forces him to reality deny
I had previously given him the benefit of the doubt
As the ability of the Afghan forces he would forcefully tout
Discounted his buck stops here to only two cents
Even that now gone and only Monopoly money he holds as accountability for this sordid event
We would all agree withdrawal was the right thing after 2 decades to do
But his execution and planning was a complete failure which only grew
Gates predicted it best when for Biden on foreign policy mistakes he was batting one thousand percent
How could any American with a shred of knowledge have voted to have him to the Oval Office sent
Thanks to the sycophants and TDS Stage 4 anti-Trump haters who made the pitch
Vote for personalities not policies and you get dementia to throw this nation into a deep ditch
Harris might be worse
But she’s free from the dementia worsening curse
Sadly Biden is not up to the task as he has blown his mental gaskets
Longer he stays in Oval Office greater chance this nation and its dreams are buried in a casket
© August 18, 2021

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