Monday, August 16, 2021

State Department Delusionally Thinks the Taliban Care About U.S. Conditions


The State Department is called the Foggy Bottom for reasons that should be clear
The thoughts that stem from there usually common sense and rationality never appear
Ned Price a spokesman intoned with a straight face
Said we would recognize the Taliban if certain conditions were put in  place
I suspect that the Taliban who have just rolled over the Afghan military like a house of cards
Could not in the slightest care less what conditions we would demand—rather probably laughing quite hard
The scenes in Kabul at the airport were a 1975 Saigon rerun
Boggles the mind that our intel claimed on the sudden collapse they were stunned
Misjudged the willingness or desire of the Afghan forces to continue to the Taliban resist
Deprived of air support and with the government fleeing, morale ceased to exist
For America mired in the cancer of woke, cancel culture and PC
And worse the myth of systematic racism and discredited CRT

A wake up call that nation building by force of arms
Is doomed to fail and inflict great financial and human harm
We went there to punish Bin Laden who into Pakistan quickly fled
Rather then leaving we shifted to remove the Taliban instead
Nation building of a 6th Century country that against foreign invaders would never tire
No wonder throughout history the land has been known as the Graveyard of Empires
From Alexander the Great to the Brits in the Great Game to the Soviets and now us
This time our honor and commitments no matter how misguided were ground into dust
Once again we have gone to war with no clear path of how to leave
Leaving far too many surviving friends, relatives, spouses.  parents, siblings and children to grieve
With veterans marred physically and mentally subject to the ADA
Or no longer with us as suicide took them by their own hand too soon away

© August 16, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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