Saturday, August 7, 2021

Good Golly No Folly Third Marathon Ever Brings Home a Bronze


Until the women’s marathon many Americans were fed up with too much U.S. athletic team’s focus on Woke
It seemed the training was not to medal try to obtain but PC medal for pride in nation revoke
Our vaunted women’s soccer team with wokeness on full display
Took knees before the game with Sweden joined by the Swedes to the PC Gods obey
Learned the hard way that too much Woke comes with a high cost
Heavily favored against Sweden they were shut out 3-0 and lost
Their quest for the Gold ended with a 1-0 to Canada “upset”
At least salvaged some of their dreams to against the Aussies the bronze medal get
In the women’s marathon Good Golly Miss Molly!
Running an inexperienced runner seemed to be the height of folly
For Molly Seidel the adage the “third time is the charm” was confirmed
In only her third marathon ever in heat and humidity raising concerns
26 plus miles on city streets in a runner’s Hell
In the leading pack from start to finish ran Molly Seidel
A dream written for an Olympic Gold Medal  on a card in the 4th grade
On this day no matter the pain and heat could not from the dream dissuade
On her third marathon she became the third American woman to take a medal home
Like the woman’s soccer a medal of bronze but for her clearly free of the Woke syndrome
Proud to represent a cheering nation
Tears of emotion and joy enhancing her well-deserved elation

© August 7, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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