Monday, August 16, 2021

Biden's Saigon Moment

 Watching the scenes at the airport in Kabul was like a Saigon April 30 déjà vu

Anyone who voted for our tottering dementia suffering Biden is a vote to really rue
The man who touted his experience in foreign policy revealed as a total joke
Collapse of Afghanistan images of collapse of South Vietnam in 75 evoke
A failure that even the Biden MSM fawners cannot sweep under the rug
Abandoning the Afghans who fought and died like flies as he pulled the plug
Either his Intel completely had their head in the sand
For him to tout the 300,000 Afghan troops would the Taliban be able to withstand
Or he couldn’t care less or foresee what a quick total withdrawal would be the result
Afghanistan has fallen and those Afghans who helped us are left behind for our honor a major insult
He assured us that a collapse to the Taliban was a highly unlike event
So assured he and Jill off to Wilmington on a vacation went
Shamed not to return to the White House but to hang out at Camp David instead
All alone in a conference room looking at monitors oblivious to the signs he misread
He touted after his election that America is back
Not true only that is what is showing with his leadership lack
Gates said it best “on every foreign policy issue over 50 years Biden got it wrong”
As a nation whose commitments one could trust we are looking at the notes of our swan song
This time no matter how hard he tries to Trump blame
His utter failure as commander in chief merits condemnation and shame
 August 16, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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