Sunday, August 22, 2021

Biden Stumbles Through Evacuation Update Assures Us unlike Southern Border Afghans Will Be Vettedbe opuu


Given how our Afghan allies must feel by the U.S. cut and run withdrawal betrayed
Ending air support and Intel to armed forces leaving the translators and interpreters alone in harm’s way
Political cartoonists have called it a Biden stab in the back
Aping Mussolini when in 1940 France he attacked
So to “Bizarre Biden” or “Bonkers Biden”, “Benito Biden” add to the list of nicknames
His abrupt withdrawal leaving our allies high and dry like Duce’s France attack merits shame
Panned for misstatements or lies on facts dementia may have caused him to forget
Even top aides after Friday’s speech the contradictions had to admit
Appeared again today without Austin, Harris or Blinken to give an update
Tout the numbers evacuated and defend the need to end the war not worthy of future debate
At a time when our southern border is wide open and “refugees” by the thousands stream across
Trying to prevent among the illegals the felons, traffickers, terrorists and infected our CBP at a total loss
Too many illegals with no vetting, no testing, no examinations then on to busses to be put aboard
Some not even with court dates and those with most likely to be ignored
Over 200,000 a month and growing each month in record numbers
Into the interior away from the border to our social services, safety, health and prosperity encumber
But Afghans allowed to board planes at Kabul Benito assured us would be vetted to the max
No needs for concern over our safety so Americans could take a breath and relax
We do have our honor at stake
And like the fall of Vietnam it is the right path to take
Could it be this question one not trusting Biden and as a skeptic might ask?
The Southern border illegals are mostly nonwhite deemed future Blue voters to explain failure to secure the border task?
© August 22, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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