Thursday, August 19, 2021

Afghanistan Debacle Looks Like Proof Positive Biden's Dementia Advanced to Needing the 25th

 Since Biden’s memory capacities in his fading mental acuity seem to have run out

The silver lining for him is that given his mental state on questions of veracity we have to give him the benefit of the doubt
He is now claiming that pronouncements by U.S. Intel
That the situation in Afghanistan with the Taliban was going quickly to hell
He never received which should not us surprise
Doubtful he would have remembered any short term notices given his mental demise
What we used to refer to as Biden gaffes
That merited not scorn or concern only laughs
Now more and more look like the increasing symptoms of a failing mind
The question that should be asked by all is how long to his dementia do we remain blind?
No matter how  much  dementia has Biden’s view of reality distorted
Enough of his mind must still function as after ridicule his public appearances now aborted
Like a bear going into hibernation during the winter Biden may soon ape his campaign bunker
Our president may think he was once mentally quick as an Indy car now reduced to a lemon like clunker
We need a president who is fully alert and mentally there
Each time he opens his mouth looks more like the functioning neurons are not there
Time for his cabinet and the VP to demand and not merely suggest
He submit to and pass a thorough cognitive test
If he does not the 25th Amendment must be quickly invoked
For the security and good of the nation his time in the Oval Office must be revoked
Sadly due to Harris total weakness and leftist views a true Hobson’s choice
Reluctantly this replacement must be done bringing sadness not a time for anyone to rejoice
© August 19, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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