Monday, August 9, 2021

Conned News Network Aids and Abets Non Mother of Three GoFundMe Account Raising $230K


For CNN when it rains it really pours
Hardly a day goes bye without a departure from acceptable harder to ignore
The network has been reeling from the Chris Cuomo’s yuck yucks with his bro
And when Andrew’s sexual harassments became news of the day not a word of it on his show
To settling Nick Sandman’s famous CNN defamation law suit
To the latest failure to check facts on a story to face the boot
Time to ad another meaning to the CNN acronym
A network where objectivity has long since been on a sawed off limb
Ad to Cack News Network the “Conned News Network” to demand equal billing
As CNN aids and abets Dasha Kelly to make a $240K GoFundMe killing
CNN featured Dasha Kelly as a mother of three who an eviction notice would soon face
Lost her job because of pandemic fearing the eviction moratorium ruled unconstitutional was not put back in place
Her three young “daughters” appeared on the screen and your hearts went out
Americans are a generous lot and donations after CNN’s feature would quickly mount
Only problem is that it was an unchecked lie
Worse CNN made no effort to check the facts on which to rely
The girls were not her daughters only that she sometimes would babysit
Maybe the real mother did not fear eviction and refused to fraud commit
Maybe CNN chose to ignore and the story would viewers attract
And another chance to a cold, heartless Trump scathingly attack
Watch CNN
Fake News never if only when

© August 9, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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