Monday, August 9, 2021

Brian Stelter's Public Scolding of Chris Cuomo Not Enough--Like His Bro Needs to Resign Or Be Fired ( Impeached in Andrew's Case)


Brian Stelter has weighed in on the omission of Chris Cuomo’s failure to cover the sex scandal of his bro
Chris has become the epitome of loss of journalistic integrity for failing to cover Andrew’s scandal woes
Andrew rightfully is facing a rising storm of demands to resign or be impeached
Chris is facing same rising storm to resign or be fired  for his journalistic breaches
Chris is now on a “planned in advance vacation”
More likely it was an attempt to escape his growing condemnation
Stelter in a pathetic attempt
To rescue colleague Chris from growing contempt
Aptly notes that his hanging out a pool the stigma of accountability is not achieved
But then idiotically claims a public scolding would be punishment enough and he should not be relieved
In making those statements Stelter once again proves himself to be divorced from reality
No wonder his ratings keep going further down as viewers no longer want to his rants see
Chris may not have as much arrogance and ego as his bro
But safe bet any public scolding by CNN he will into the trash bin stow
Time for New Yorkers to ape the rhythmic anti-Vietnam  War chants our political opposition to show
“Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Time for both Cuomo’s to pack their bags and go”
And if CNN wants a chance to leave “fake news” and collapsing ratings grip
Now would be a good time to give many of its pseudo journalists well deserved pink slips
© August 9, 2021

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