Friday, December 24, 2021

The Spirit of Christmas Past, Spirit of Christmas Future and Spirit of Christmas Future


Another full year of the COVID-19 pandemic with its variants aping death and destruction in tow
Masks, mandates, lockdowns, ventilators, vaccines, crowded ICU’s, inflation soaring a president’s ratings that daily reach new lows
Americans are frustrated with the  present and want to Christmases in the future await
To be surrounded by the Christmas Spirit and with friends and family having the Gift of Peace cover our plates
As we wrap the kids’ or loved ones’ final gifts and prepare to nod off on Christmas Eve
Hoping the gifts in short supply about to be given will be well received
In Dickens fashion no former business partner ghost to visit in our dreams
But vying for air time in our REM sleep screen is the Spirit of Christmas Past, Present and Future team
Hard not to welcome the Spirit of Christmas Past
As a kid believing in Santa and his sleigh laden with gifts hoping the belief would long last
No internet or shopping on line to head to the malls and circle for a parking place
Standing in line patiently to on a store Santa’s knee to grace
Christmas Eve services and setting out for Santa milk and cookies
Trying so hard to stay awake to catch however fleeting a Santa lookie
Carolers in the streets, Salvation Army pots, school Christmas pageants, office parties throughout the season
Businesses shut down, the idea of eating out save maybe in Chinese restaurants an impossible attempt at culinary treason
A simpler time, much less stress that 50 years ago listening to “All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth”
The gift now most wanted now not in the Christmas Present sleigh was from COVID-19 more relief
The pandemic in the Spirit of Christmas Present is still with us with Omicron which is spreading like a Santa Ana Winds blown wildfire
As vaccine mandates and quarantines mean large numbers of workers, first responders, medical personnel, pilots and crew we can no longer hire
Though super contagious Omicron’s effects and symptoms are very mild
But still the bureaucrats are on mandates, lock downs and social distancing still running wild
Enough to the nightmare cause the dreams to come to an end
But not before the message the Spirit of Christmas Future was beginning to send
Vaccines will continue but therapies are now becoming front and center
Drugs now and soon to be released that will stop the virus in its tracks whenever infection enters
And the proven therapy of natural immunity too long ignored
Will also be relied on to the path to normalcy begin to restore
The politicization of the virus will slow and Fauci’s flip flops will no longer monopolize the floor
More and more the effect of the virus on life will mimic a cold or the flu more and more
Still for the elderly in the winter of their life’s reign
We will need to be alert but not necessary to from the celebrations and observances of past Christmases refrain
© December 24, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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