Monday, December 20, 2021

The Failing Botching Investigators Finally Arrest CNN's John Griffin, an Alleged Child Molester

 The fall from reputation and grace of the FBI which started with HRC’s private server for emails

That while obstruction of justice by destroying emails and used for classified information never proceeded to jail
Worse the FBI was complicit in the Russian collusion hoax and HRC paid for Steele Dossier
Used to perpetuate the hoax and the misrepresentations to the FISA Court that came into play
Tarnished further by the bias of Agents Strzok and Page
That helped to the Russian Collusion Hoax continue to rage
 Is once again being denigrated for the job on a child pornography investigation of Griffin it waged
FBI had been investigating Griffin for about a year
While he was allegedly continued to practice his child molester career  
Producer John Griffin worked for CNN for 8 years often on Chris Cuomo’s “New Day”
But led a double sordid life of a child molester on young girls who he was able to entice and sway
Has finally been arrested raising questions whether CNN had any inclination of his long criminal past
Makes one wonder how such a double life continued undetected to scarring victims to  last
Could it be he produced “New Day” whose star for sexual harassment was finally given the boot
In the world of MSM where sexual harassment and  depravities too easily take root
Innocent until proven guilty knowing the reptilian brain crosses political lines
If found guilty outraged parents of small children hope he is sent to prison for the maximum time

© December 20, 2021 Michael P. Ridley the Alaskanpoet  

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