Tuesday, December 21, 2021

State Attorney May Be In State Bar Ethics Doghouse For Lying To Public On Her Role In Smollett Case


The color on color shootings in Chicago remain in escalating disgrace
Just one of many reasons why State Attorney Kim Foxx must be replaced
When it comes to crime she finds it next impossible to prosecute
The blames everyone but herself and shooting spreads their deadly roots
On a major high profile case that stokes the flames of potential racial hatred
Jussee Smollett claimed a MAGA hat wearing attempt to put a noose around his head
The MSM bought this “Empire” star’s racist hate crime pitch hook, line and sinker
The State Attorney Kim Foxx may have committed acts to send her to the State Bar ethics clinker
With Chicago like the Wild, Wild West with color on color shooting in a surging tidal wave
With far too many victims including many children being sent to the morgue and then to an early grave
A police force underfunded, undermanned had to divert its scarce resources to solve this bogus crime
Smollett was charged with filing a false police report and lying to the police which entailed potentially 3 years of time
Foxx was found by a special investigator to have lied to the public about her involvement in the case
When prosecutors have unlimited discretion she strayed way to far from the confidence building transparency base
Foxx seems to have a tendency to violent crimes against property and person not prosecute
Couple that with no bail and defund the police and one explains the lawlessness in our Blue run cities that has taken root
©  December 21, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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