Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Blue Elected Elites in Blue Cities Victims of Armed Carjacking--Will Blues' Sounds of Silence End

 As violent crime surges in Blue run cities are pushing civilization to the brink

The Blue elite must think we are so stupid that we cannot deduce the leftist policies and increase in crime link
Nightly thanks to Fox we watch aghast as mobs of thugs descend like locusts
To smash counters and the contents grab and flee all caught by security cameras in clear focus
Yet like the images on MSM of burning and looting before our very eyes
The “journalists” were touting no riots only peaceful protests to our visual reality deny
When the lootings, rioting, shooting and killing did not cross into the gated fortresses of our Blue elite
No problem for them so by definition could not be riots in the minority neighborhood streets
Now the failed policies of no cash bail, catch and do not prosecute, and defund the police
Along with Soros’ backed D.A.’s  who avoid in the name of equity not prosecuting to back into the neighborhoods release
In Chicago Illinois Blue State Senator Majority leader Kimberly Lightford who pushed cashless bail
Was victim of an armed carjacking by armed suspects still at large that did not fail
In Philadelphia Blue Representative was a carjacking victim and 5 suspects still in the car in Delaware were cuffed
Incidents like these that in poor neighborhoods are a fact of life and even when death results unreported when the headlines should be “enough”
The Blue elites once their luxury shopping places and their lives by crime will be at risk
Then and only then will their cries for more cops, more prosecutions, no cashless bail be loud and brisk
Since more cops without D.A.’s not funded by Soros who will with a passion throw felons in jail
Will not solve the surging crime unless Soros backed candidates be viewed by voters with distaste and their elective quest fail
© December 22, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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