Monday, December 20, 2021

Pressley Inanely Claims Repayment of Student Debt Is Violent Act--But $1 Trillion Bill to Taxpayers Is Not!

 Most students enrolled in college in the belief that a college education would lead to better job

In many cases went into debt as an investment little knowing they would be robbed
Signed up for dead end job streets in majors like feminist, black or gender studies that led only to a degree
But not a job only moving back to living with parents that their freshman year they could not foresee
Student loans represented for many colleges the once in a lifetime chance
To with cheap rates and easy approvals for financing to the tuition and fees advance
The linkage to a job to pay off the debt was most likely never made
Too many graduates sucked into the college needed for a good paying job charade
Over a $ trillion in student debt now exists
The latest tirade of the left is that requiring repayment we must resist
 Pressley another member of the radical Squad has the idiocy to claim requiring repayment of student debt is a violent act
Ok to stick another $ trillion + on the overtaxed taxpayers’ back
The violence is that the left wants to grant students a discharge responsibility card
That somehow because it’s debt of students how vote blue its okay to be able to the obligation discard
Why not try to refinance student debt at lower rates and longer terms
Allow the students with large debts to pay them off and a sense of worth earn
No Déjà vu of the Romans with gladiator contests and the dispensing of free bread
Or the attraction of gladiator combat that left the loser dead
Walk away from promises to pay
Sickening to expect feds to save the day
© 12/17/21 The Alaskanpoet

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