Sunday, December 5, 2021

Hilda and Jesse Ask Uniformed Cops to Leave Eat There and Wave Goodbye to Safety


The owners of Hilda and Jesse  must have their heads in the sand
Oblivious to the violent criminal activity that’s sweeping this land
Whether it’s outdoor dining to be hassled by the thugs at BLM
Or shopping at Tiffany’s when the smash and grabbers break in to steal the gems
Our cities have become very dangerous places to in public be seen
More so than ever when the idiocy of “Defund the Police” make cops far and few between
The owners should curb their leftist bias and ask
What customer is going to be upset seeing a cop taking a meal break from his assigned tasks?
Only those with outstanding warrants and from the law on the run?
Fearful their faces are on an APB and will be arrested before they can leave after their meal is done?
Or is it a member of staff who is an illegal and should not have been hired?
But since Feces City is one of sanctuary what cop is going to that staff’s immigration status inquire?
The owners a lying to themselves with a red herring to their anti-cop bias conceal
While they and their customers should be happy they are there as protection from dangers all too real
If they should put up a sign “We don’t  serve armed cops”
Watch potential customers keep walking and not stop
A bulls eye for felon robbers to the business stalk
Knowing cops banned on a 911 call may respond but in a slow walk
© December 5, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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