Monday, December 13, 2021

Nerwsom Emboldened By Recall Win Mask Mandates Indoors Vaccinated Or Not In California

Newsom emboldened by his recall sleight of hand
Made recall a Red power grab not about him and a recall was able to withstand
Already making noise to ape Texas abortion law by applying it to legal gun owners exercising their self defense right
Allowing the dead and wounded in mass shootings by the deranged to sue the gun makers and sellers causing this blight
Now he orders a statewide indoor mask mandate whether vaccinated or not
Another nail in the coffin for small businesses damaged and as recovery they desperately sought
Who is going to go to a restaurant or a bar with a mask on and try to eat or drink
If it has to immediately go back  after the chew or sip, another wave of near fatal red ink
Americans are generally law abiding and will edicts to promote public safety follow
But when they don’t apply to our leaders  those rules we will not swallow
Newsom’s record of do as I say not as I do wins a prize
We are not going to follow if he chucks rule into the trash which should not be a surprise
Vaccines are rising throughout the nation and this state
And masks other the surgical ones do not the virus spread abate
But they do quickly head jobs into a speedy down fall
With all the collateral damage of addiction, violence and suicides we cannot stall
With each death from COVID-19 we lower into the grave or push into the furnace
How many more lost freedoms should concern us?
© December 13, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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