Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Murphy Ignoring State Department Advisory To Not Travel To Costa Rica Due To COVID Responds By Fleeing There


“If anything can go wrong it will” is known as Murphy’s law
The Murphy Governor’s Corollary is Governor Murphy is without flaw
Why I am the only one whose opinion I hold near and dear
Not worried to on the beach in Costa Rica now appear
Costa Rica is now suffering under a Omicron infection surge
So bad that not going there our State Department sees fit to urge
While the infections in the Garden State
Do not seem ready to begin to abate
But Murphy true to his Corollary advice from the State Department does not heed
After all as governor and a near upset gubernatorial loss a vacation is what he needs
He may listen only to his own words
But with Omicron surging at home that Corollary is absurd
Another example of do what I say not as I do
Another reason why voters must be wishing they had dumped this arrogant Blue
In a heavy Blue state Murphy must think he can do no wrong
Voters thinking of Karma for him wishing an Omicron infection for him belongs

© December 28, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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