Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Good News Bad News On COVID-19 Front As Biden Denies He Curtailed Production Of Testing Kits


On the COVID-19 front some good news and some bad news
The bad news is that on Monday 441,278 news cases and the total cases grew
The good news is that Omicron is now the dominant strain
The more deadly and serious Delta as dominant virus no longer reigns
Coupled with news that of new cases Omicron cases are upwards of 90 percent
Far less likely to require hospitalization or to the ICU’s the patients to be sent
And as icing on the cake the FDA seems to be getting its therapeutic act together
2 drugs from Merck and Pfizer for COVID-19 to free patients from hospital treatment tether
Slight problem as there dosage time window glitch
There is a shortage of rapid testing thanks to Biden being asleep at the switch
But if testing kits sales put on a triage like ranking
We have a good chance to get through shortage so infected will be thanking

On testing in the summer Biden caused production of kits to be curtailed
On this aspect of the war on COVID he totally failed
This failed COVID-19 warrior's credibility has quit

Denies he turned down August plan for more testing kits

This COVID-19 warrior hero's

Credibility is less than zero

But true to form MSM will be reluctant to report or assign blame
Collateral damage that was avoidable as more victims go down in deadly flames
© December 28, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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