Monday, December 6, 2021

Brown of Oregon Typical Maskless Do As I Say Not As I Do Clueless Elite

  Great leaders lead by example of their conduct

Not my rules on behavior that with the led are stuck
Great leaders in the military lead from the front not from behind
They know the need for examples to be set and their troops are not blind
We are not in a shooting war with COVID-19
But the same ideas apply to the impact of the leaders’ mien
If a leader mandates that those to be led must a mask wear
That leader must comply with the mandate showing any suffering he also bears
If limits at gatherings so social distancing can be observed
A leader appearing at a gathering must social distance preserve
If a leader from the bully pulpit demands that his rules the led must follow
Then violates his own rules on camera his authority becomes too hard to swallow
Blue leaders believe they are the chosen elite
That the voters seduced by the media will never rise up and vote their defeat
The Blue urban cities ruling elite view blacks as voter plantation slaves
To like Pavlovian dogs vote Blue in each election now and past their trip to the grave
So Governor Brown of Oregon who is moving the state to a permanent indoor mask wearing rule
Was caught aping sardines, maskless at a D.C. LBGT event knowing her mere mortals are sheep like fools
If she had honor and integrity her call would be “Do not as I do but as I say”
But then her chances of remaining in office would fade quickly away

© December 6, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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