Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Blue Mayors Need to Look in Mirror Before They Blame Merchants for Smash and Grabs


Across the nation retailers are being targeted by a wave of smash and grabs
Underfunded and overworked cops  are lucky if a small percent of the thugs they can nab
But even if arrested, prosecution by Soros’ funded D.A.’s will not be entailed
Or these violent thugs will be returned to the streets on no cash bail
While violent crime in Blue run voter plantations runs amok
Mayors like Lightweight Lightfoot any responsibility deny or duck
Rather Lightfoot blames the merchants for not spending enough on security to stop the trend
Out of touch hope that unarmed security guards will a message of deterrence send
If perchance a retailer has armed guards to the goods protect
The howl of armed vigilantes by the left would cause most to that idea reject
Add that to the fact that if an armed guard discharged his weapon to a smash and grab deter
Watch the wrongful deaths suits or criminal prosecutions that act would insure
The basic task of any government whether federal, state, county, city or town
Is to keep its citizens safe from violent crime that in our cities knows no bounds
In discharge of that duty Lightweight is complete failure
She and her ilk must be voted out to any chance of safety insure
December 14, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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